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Thread: Color and quantity matters! Bleeding isnt abnormal!

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    Cool Color and quantity matters! Bleeding isnt abnormal!

    Hey All,

    My wife and I are expecting our first child. We first saw the baby to be at our 6 1/2 week ultrasound. Cute little, Button, it is.
    Around the weekend coming into our 8th week, we made love that morning, and later that evening we started noticing come cramping and some bleeding- similar to a menstrual cycle- but not quite. The bleeding was fairly light, and had a brownish tinge to it, never more than 1/8th of a teaspoon (estimate) at any time.

    In a panic, we rushed to the Er and awaited to hear the news that we were miscarrying. We were asked multiple questions multiple times, with one that seemed to be primary from everyone, "Are you bleeding enough to soak through a pad an hour?" ...No...?

    The Docs did another ultrasound, and there was our Button, just chilling in-utero, with a [darn] fine heartbeat over 160 (which, by the way, is REALLY FRIGGIN COOL!!); no bleeding in or around the embryo or the sac. We went home and the following day, my wife passed a bit of stringy, clotted blood. In another panic, we called our OB and rushed in again , who reviewed the tests from the previous morning (we went in around 11:00 PM, and anyone who has been to the ER that late knows you aren't getting out of there before the next morning), and said the chances of us actually having a miscarriage at this stage is LESS than 1%. She also said, if we were to miscarry at this juncture, there would be a schload of fresh, bright-red blood, and a LOT of clumps coming out- not just one or two (She passed another one the following morning).
    Come to find, as common as pregnancy is, EVERY woman has a different pregnancy. Some women cramp their whole pregnancy, some bleed and spot the whole time- especially for a first pregnancy. This is because your body has spent more time getting rid of stuff in that area for a long time, and is now suddenly being directed to not only hold something in it, but also to grow and stretch. You can expect a little griping and groaning about the new directive.

    Bottom line, the sign of a heartbeat over 120 (we had >160), The lack of bleeding anywhere near the baby (and visual confirmation of the baby), and the color of the blood (brownish tinge), and the amount (maybe a tsp to Tbsp total), are all indicative of a perfectly healthy, fine baby-to-be. WE ARE SO RELIEVED!!!

    I hope this isnt a sign of how our baby is going to behave once it's born- Scaring the crap out of us that something is wrong when really, everything is fine. Not funny, Button... not funny.

    We have a routine app. in two weeks and will provide an update at that time of the Button.

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    First of all Congratulations!!! Welcome to APA, I have been a part of this community for 6 years today and the support is amazing. I look forward to hearing your updates and hope that you will stick around. I'm guessing that your wife is due the end of may or beginning of June right? You should encourage her to join the other moms in her due date group.
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    Congratulations!! I had bleeding with this pregnancy too and all is well. It's actually very common. Welcome to the boards!

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    Welcome and congratulations!
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