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Thread: Sould I be worried?

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    Default Should I be worried?

    We DTD without protection and I'm not sure how concerned I should be about the possibility of pg .... I'm hoping you'll tell me not to worry - even though we do want another child, we have not been trying and haven't actually decided if/when we will try for another.

    Here is what I know about my cycles

    Last ovulation around 9/29 (gobs of the good CM)
    LMP - around the 14th, I think
    Cycle length is around 30-32 days
    DTD 10/27

    If the above is true, we prob DTD on CD 14, and I should likely O on CD 18-20. Sperm can hang out for up to 5 days (in the right conditions), right? Or is it 3 days?

    Now that I'm thinking about it, my LMP might have been earlier than 14th - the 14th would make for a very long LP. Now I'm really thinking I should be worried. Good golley, I have got to keep better track of this stuff!

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