So I already have a Gynaecologist appointment scheduled for next week. Just wanted to get that out of the way. Anyway, now to continue on with my problem(s).

Alright, so I'm on Generess Fe Birth control, have been for a long, long while. So my body is already used to it. On October 10th I got my period. Normal. Lasted four days, normal. However, it was very very light. There was no blood in my panties, only when I wiped. But it ended normally and I continued on with my life. However, on October 23rd I woke up, went to the restroom, and noticed there was blood in my panties. It wasn't a lot at first, but it progressively got a little heavier. At one point it got pretty heavy for about thirty minutes, then went back to a little spotting. It's still going on today, October 26th, but there's barely any blood any more. It's more like a brownish liquid than blood. When I called my Gynaecologist, they scheduled me for an ultrasound and some blood work.

Also, this has been going on for a while and I also mentioned to my doctor over the phone, I have been leaking a sticky, clear fluid out of my nipples. It happens when any kind of pressure is applied to them, or when I'm taking a hot shower. More comes out of the left then the right. My breasts have also gotten rather large. I was a D, and have been for a while. But I went shopping for a new dress, and I needed a new bra. I went and got myself measured, and the woman looked at me really funny. She asked what size bra I was wearing, which was a D. She informed me I needed a DD. I've been a D for years. They grew, then stopped growing. It's really strange. I was very shocked. That and the lactation just kinda freaked me out. I told my mother and she said it was probably normal, but to call my Gynaecologist, which I did.

I am sexually active by the way, but I haven't seen my boyfriend in three weeks, and I don't think we've had any kind of sexual encounter in four or five weeks. I don't think I'm pregnant, because I've been getting my period (obviously), but my Gynaecologist is a little sceptical, or at least the nurse is. She wanted me to take a pregnancy test, and I told her I would when I can get to the store.. but, I wanted some opinions on if it's even a possibility. Also about.. two weeks ago I think, I got really sick. I had diarrhoea for seven days straight and couldn't eat anything. My stomach bubbled and rumbled whenever I even drank something. My doctor tested me and couldn't find any trace of a virus or bacteria or parasite or anything. I just assumed it was something I ate. My breasts have been leaking for a while though, I'm not exactly sure. I honestly don't keep track of those kinds of things, just my periods. I also take my pill every night, around 9:30 PM and no later than 10:00 PM. So. Yeah.

Any opinions?