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    Has anyone adopted from outside of their home state? If so if you don't mind sharing what agency did you use? We're considering switching over to interstate adoption and was just wondering how the process was for you. Had our last adoption not failed we'd be finalizing this month and it got us thinking that maybe we just need a change of pace.

    Any information would be great!

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    no experience with interstate adoption, I just wanted to say good luck with this new option I totally feel your pain with needing a change of pace, I wish we knew what direction to take right now that would lead to a baby soon :/ Oh well. I pray that you will find your little one as quickly as possible, hang in there.
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    I don't have any personal experience with really with interstate adoption since we're going the foster/adopt route but we started out thinking we'd adopt domestically and I did some research. At the time we were thinking interstate might be better and we looked into two agencies. The fees are higher at one of them but they're both private licensed agencies and I believe they both have attorneys that work for them and everything. We knew we'd go with one of them if we went the domestic route and I did contact and get some info from them both.

    One of them was A Act of Love out of Utah. Utah has more flexible laws for adopting parents and this agency comes highly recommended. A friend of mine adopted her daughter through them and she said her wait time was much shorter than average. They also have a sliding payment schedule too I think so they try to make it more affordable when they can.

    The other we researched was Adoption Services, Inc. They have a fantastic website with LOTS of info. I emailed them because I was concerned they seemed too good to be true and the founder actually emailed me back that day. It was a personal email with even more info and he told me how to find some things on the site I hadn't seen yet. He also said he'd love to talk with us whether we decided to go with them or not and gave me his number to speak with him personally. He was very honest about fees and what to expect and if we had gone that route I would have felt that we could trust them.

    Hope this helps some! Good luck with everything and keep us updated!
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