How is this possible:
Had first pregnancy ultrasound at what Dr. suggested was 6 weeks. Heartbeat present and active embryo visible. Ultrasound pic clearly shows embryo. Dr. suggests to come back at 8 weeks to check progress since I am over 40 and have had a difficult live pregnancy and two miscarriages in the past. I have had no spotting and have only had late evening - morning sickness. No signs of problems. Went back for 8 week ultrasound and Dr. was baffled. No embryo or sack to be found, but he was picking up a noise, heartbeat with the eco. Had me go to hospital for followup asap and bloodwork. Has me going to check HCG for next 3 days and then another ultrasound in 5 days. How can this be? I have had no discharge or signs of miscarriage, but there is no visible embryo now. I do have a tilted cervix and 'upsidedown' uterus. Could this be a factor in seeing the embryo at this stage?