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Thread: Issues.....not sure what I should really do.

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    Default Issues.....not sure what I should really do.

    Okay so I have a previous post about how I was having quite a few symptoms of being pregnant with irregular periods. Well I had sex yesterday with my partner again and a few hours later I was bleeding rather heavily. It was stringy with a few clots that really came out only when I was over the toliet. After a few hours it died down to just a small light period. All last night I was sick. Always having to get up to pee then throwing up with a really bad headache. Today I'm really weak and there's still a small light period that's barely there when I wipe. Should I be worried? If I am pregnant it's still probably not time that I can test. Any ideas while I try to figure out what to really do? Again I don't have insurance to go see a doctor yet and our health department doesn't have a free clinic anymore.
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