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Thread: Still don't have a stroller...

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    Default Still don't have a stroller...

    UGHHH! The one I really want is CRAZY expensive. So we are not even tempting that. Add to it that I want a side by side not a front back so the kids can interact - and you are already adding on $$$. Sooooo frustrated. I wanted that bought before DH it looks like I won't even have it until after the girls are born...LOL!

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    I never liked the side by side ones...very big, harder to fit in doorways and in trunks. We mostly used our triple stroller but did have a Graco Duo Glider that I liked very is like $150 or so at Walmart.

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    I bought a snap n' go at a second hand store for while they're little and still using their infant seats. Once they out grow them, then I'm getting a side by side double. That way I don't have to spend tons of money on one that I can put both infant seats in.

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