One of my clients gave me permission to share this with everyone regarding ACE (Appetite Control & Energy)

"Three years ago I had a bad accident with a riding lawn mower. I was hung by a wrought iron shepherd's hook in the garden. I was pulled from the tractor and when I fell out of the hook, my weight bent the hook, but the force ricocheted the hook and it came back down on the back of my neck. I cracked a few vertebrae, but I also had severe whiplash and a concussion. I was told I would have permanent damage in my neck and would probably need a fusion when I'm 40. The only real relief I've had from the pain is when I go to a chiropractor three times a week. No pain killer, narcotic or muscle relaxer has really helped me.

I thought it was a fluke the first two days when I took the pills, but after a week of not taking them, this morning I took one pill, and within about an hour and a half, my neck has relaxed, and has adjusted into alignment. Right now, I'm not in any pain, and feeling pretty darn good."

I hope you will message me to find out more. Its $2 a sample if you would like to try it out and I can email you the ingredients and more information.