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    Tell me again: my home does not have to be immaculate. We'll put away the porn collection and the knife-throwing targets that we keep in the baby's room... ... but i don't need to freak out for a week about whether everything is in its exact place? I don't need to ask the housekeeper to come a few days early (for her biweekly visit)?

    if i understand this correctly, this is really to meet us, to ensure that we have a room for the kids that we'd take in, to make sure that we don't have the aforementioned knife kit or locks on the kids' rooms.
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    I have it direct from a social worker friend that they are not looking for an immaculate home. . Just a safe one.
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    Yeah they were just looking to see the the place was clean in not hoarder like or full of bugs or animal feces. That the house didn't look like it was going to fall down. Ours did not look in closets or even the basement. By WI state law, she did ask where the fire extinguisher was kept and asked about fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarm (required by state law). Oh and we had to have a fire plan posted....stupid state law when we know we will be get an infant but just a quick check on her list.

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    You will be fine . Just make sure its safe, that's what matters to them.

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    We just had ours and I'm not going to lie...I went a little nuts to make sure it was super clean and even rearranged the furniture upstairs. Of course, we had some things stored in future baby's room and we took that stuff to my MILs...she wanted it anyway...and I rearranged the room. I was afraid she'd think it was too small or that the stairs were too steep or that we had too many cats (3). She loved our home though and said she thought it was a really nice house. She said the baby's room was a great size for a child and that she has three cats as well and loves cat people. Lol. Considering how little she looked for how much work I put in, I probably did too much. It was okay though. I felt more confident having the house at it's best and I got to enjoy it being super crazy clean...for about a week. Good luck! It's really not nearly as terrifying as it sounds.
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    !!!!! Yeah, make sure you've hidden the arsenal of weapons well .

    Honestly, I was almost disappointed at how little our worker looked at the house, LOL...I worked *hard* !!

    Sounds like you've done a great job getting everything ready and it's going to go well .

    (((HUGS)))...hang in there...the home visit is nerve-wracking but it goes quickly and will be over probably faster than you're ready for it to be over!

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    I always clean like my mother-in-law is coming to visit. Nice and neat but not over the top. You need to look like you actually live there, our social workers (we've had several) all seem to be on the same page with that. Good luck! Take a breath!!!


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