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    Today is oct 26th. I had unprotected sex on oct 8th and 9th . On oct 9th I took the plan B pill . On Oct 14th I had unprotected sex again . I haven't had sex since . My last period was sept 23-28 and was suppose to come oct 21. It's five days overdue could I be pregnant or it's too early to tell ? Or since I had sex and it wasn't on my ovulation day could I not be pregnant ?

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    So, your cycles are normal at about 28-29 days? If that's the case, you probably ovulated around October 5th, so you should be safe for the 14th. That being said, Plan B really messes with your cycles, so you'll probably be late this month, and next month may be off as well. You might want to find yourself a reliable form of birth control.
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