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Thread: Paragard user for 3 years. Period late 8 days =/

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    Default Paragard user for 3 years. Period late 8 days =/

    I've had the Paragard IUD for 3 years. But only started having sex with it in about 3 months ago. My period was supposed to start on the 14th this month. I'm pretty sure I ovulated. I got cramps about 2 weeks before my period. I also get cramping and spotting a day or two before my period begins but that didn't happen. 6 days late I had sharp cramping on left side of my uterus off and on for a few hours then overall uterus cramping and brown discharge when I wiped. Later it was a light pink then it went away along with the cramping. Hasn't happened since. Took a pregnancy test at about 5 days late and this morning. Both were negative. I haven't been under any stress, besides worrying if my period is going to start but I've been a bit better at not stressing about it. There's no signs of infection. Does anyone have a similar experience? What was the outcome?

    I forgot to mention the symptoms I've been experiencing. My breasts are sensitive and heavy. Slightly nauseous from time to time. Gassy and bloated. Increased appetite. It could be my mind tricking me though. Also, I've never been this late before. 2 days at the most.
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    I would wait a couple of days and retest. Can you feel the strings? Others guessing your stressing about it could be making it later than normal.

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    I was planning on re-testing on either Wednesday or Thursday. I can still feel the strings.

    I'm cramping a lot more this evening and I've had pink discharge when I wipe and clear watery discharge this morning. I'm thinking AF is on her way or its implantation bleeding.

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    Dont want to make you panic, but my best friend had the paraguard for years, and ended up pregnant last year. Definitely get checked out if you think you might be pregnant. There can be a lot of complications that come along with pregnancy while having an IUD. My friend ended up having a miscarriage. I hope that doesnt happen to you if you are pregnant.

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    I ended up having very watery clear discharge that later turned to light pink, dark brown spotting, then full on heavy flow on the 11th day. I'm thinking it could have been a miscarriage. I had very intense cramping for the first day which I never usually get. My flow was heavy but it always is. But I had more clots than usual and very tiny tissue like fibers. I use a menstrual cup so its easy to see. I'm not really sure if that's what it was. Maybe I just ovulated late and my uterus was just shedding more than usual. I don't know =/

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    Kind of sounds like it might have been a miscarriage... when I had my chemical pregnancy (early miscarriage) that's what it was like. My bleeding wasn't that much worse than a heavy day for me - but the cramps were A LOT worse and there was clots and tissue in it like you mentioned.

    You may want to call the doctor just in case they need to see you. I've never had an IUD so I'm not sure if there's issues if you did get pregnant while having it in (even if you m/c)??? LIke if you got pg once, does that mean it's not effective any more or something?? Might want to call to be sure...

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    I have an appointment tomorrow morning so hopefully I'll get some answers. If I was pregnant then my IUD could be out of place.

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