First I should say that I've always had very VERY irregular periods. Sometimes they will last for weeks or a month other times I won't have it for months at a time. Doctors can't seem to help me get them regular at all so it's rather annoying. I've had my thyroid tested and other blood work to check on hormone levels for that and it all came back normal. Anyways! So I've had unprotected sex twice in the last 2 1/2 - 3 weeks. The first time I was on my period and just figured everything would be okay. My period started to become lighter about a week after that then we had sex again. Again unprotected and I still figured everything would be fine. (Yes I know big mistake) Now I'm one who normally has a moderate to heavy period but now its rather light. Started out a brownish color then turned into a bright red color but still considerably lighter than my normal period. Today it is finally barely there, finally getting rid of my period. Now its mostly just a little red when I wipe. I've been feeling nauseous, vomiting, cramping, lower back pain, dizziness, exhausted all the time and sleeping more than I normally do. Hell I even got indigestion and sick from a granola bar and water! Sure I might just be sick but I wanted to make sure with everyone what you think. I haven't done a pregnancy test yet because I figure I'm still on this lighter period now (it's been going for about three weeks now. As in it started the week before I had sex). I don't have health insurance so I wanted to know if there is any reason I should spend the hundreds of dollars to go see one or if It's my mind playing tricks on me.