So.... DH and I were not trying this month but as I was preparing to start af, nothing happened, except tingling BB and pinching and pulling and cramping in my uterus area. Ofcourse I POAS on Sunday and it is negative and that night I was cramping alot expecting to start and still nothing.... took another test Tuesday morning...negative. Wednesday, I bought the kids some lunch from Mcdonalds and Im eating fries as I drive home with a pack of FRER in the car and I swear that these are the best fries I have ever had in my whole entire followed by (tmi) belching. I POAS Wednesday afternoon and it looks like either the faintest possible positive ever or an evap line so I called the OB's office and they told me to come in today for blood work. This morning I go in with another test I took this morning and once again it looks like the faintest positive ever or an evap line. I hesitantly showed the nurse before she drew my blood and she looked confused also. She said that she wasn't really sure either way which made me feel better like I hadn't wasted my time driving up there because I was an idiot who couldn't read a pregnancy test I waited out the blood work and she said it was negative but she looked shocked and said she was sending it to the lab to get the quantitative results just in case! I should know something in the morning! Since then I have continued to have tingling BB's, aching uterus and back, the most delicious sandwich of my life, some nausea and indigestion with bloating! I calculated out some of my symptoms... I have a history of irregular cycles and although I expected to start last weekend I don't think I actually ovulated until the 8th making this only 10dpo... potentially making those tests super early positives maybe? ofcourse we weren't trying for a baby right now but we were going to start trying for sweet baby #3 in just a few months so if I am pregnant I would be thrilled! I had a cycle like this back in January where I was totally convinced that I was preggo! Im trying hard not to get my hopes up but everything feels right... I just wish the test would be clearly positive or I would start my cycle! Not too much to ask Anybody get bloodwork results indicated pregnancy with low numbers after negative hpts but lots of symptoms?