Hello, my period is suppose to come in 4 days. I am experiencing preggo symptoms just like I did with my two children I already haver pregnancy, but symptoms seem to early fo. For the past week Iv had heartburn/indegestion- Ive been having nausea but think its from the indegestion... gas - I have never had gas like this, its been everyday burping and tooting hehe , Ive been crazy fatigue, my boobs are sore (my nipples the most, shower hurts). NO I HAVE NOT EVER CHEATED...EVERRRR!!

I just need to know if these symptoms could be anything else or is it possible that I could be pregnant?? Is that possible with vasectomy?? Anyone know anyone that got pregnant years later after a vasectomy?? Im not saying anything to him until I know for sure because he'll dismiss it, but I would just like some input.