Unfortunately our little bean did not stick and my body is in the process of purging itself but it does not seem right. Another words I just feel I should be (TMI sorry) bleeding a lot more and with more cramps, etc. My last MC I had to do a D&C because I was further along. I opted not to do one this time because I felt my body would be able to handle it since I was six weeks and not 12 weeks like my first experience. Plus with the first one I actually had to have a second D&C because my obstetrician did not get all of my failed pregnancy out. So if I did opt for a D&C with this MC that would be a total of three D&C I would have had and I feel that is too much for me. I know the more D&C's a woman gets the more it can compromise the integrity of the uterus. I cannot chance this not at this time. I know this is a sensitive subject especially relieving your own personal MC but if anyone has gone through a natual MC at 6 weeks any guideance would be so helpful. How did your body react? Did you bleed a lot? I've heard that you go through several pads. I feel like I just have my period (am actually bleeding a lot less) with light cramping, not a lot of clots and am wondering if my body is doing what it's suppose to be doing. I have been bleeding since Wednesday with today being the worse with the discharge and cramps.