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    Question Let me know what you think !

    Hey you all ! Thanks for taking the time to read my post , I'v been rushing quite a bit to try and figur out what is going on with me latley !

    It all started about 5 months ago ...

    I was on anti-anxiety medication called Celexa (Citalopram) , and with the help of my family doctor I decided to quit . Everything was normal , normal period , not many side effects aside for huge libido loss , but I felt ready ! So 2 months and a half later I was finally off the meds ! YAH ! Libido was finally back !

    Now, the month after I quit , I was a week late on my period , which I immediately assumed it was caused by the quitting my meds. So I hade a normal period that month , a bit late , but a normal flow.

    Which brings me to last month . At some point I opened my calendar and realized I was a week late AGAIN , so this time I went to the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist if this could be du to quitting the meds ... I asked three different pharmacists and all three gave me the same answer ... No , celexa would have messed with my period while I was taking them not after stopping them , normally, like my libido loss , thing would have gotten back to normal shortly after if my periods would have been off . So, in my book, that suddenly ruled out the meds. So I decided to take a home pregnancy test that day ... Negative. But after another 3 days of no show , I was not convinced so I took another ... Negative again . And another 3 days later , again with the negative ... Now symptoms are starting at this point , itchy breast , frequent urination , lower back and lower stomach cramping , often upset stomach and spotting ... Now these could all be related to a coming period , so on day 13 I went to the clinic to see a doctor and asked for a blood test , the doc seemed very keen on telling me all this was "normal" and that I was not pregnant , because my home pregnancy test would have showed this far (so I thought) , but for my mental health he says OK ... So anyways , when the results come in and its a negative , my heart dropped , I was sure it would be a positive , see, IM a mom to a two year old boy and I "felt" pregnant so to speak ... Now, I just felt plain old crazy , could I have imagined all these symptoms ?

    So this brings me to the last 3 days at this point id be somewhere between 19 an 21 days late , I lost count since I've been trying to avoid the though , but I've started my "period" 3 days ago ... If you can call that a period . I started by spotting brown spots on the toilet paper (sorry for the graphic details) and then yesterday It actually touched the pad ! But its dark dark brown and so light, to me it would be like the last day of my "normal" period , but everyday , I think i'v seen normal red once. Im the kind of girl, that, between day 2 and 3, I have to change pads very often , I have a pretty heavy blood flow , but this time I don't feel any flow . Yesterday night , I woke up at 2 o'clock in the morning with pretty bad stomach spasms I keep feeling like I was going to puke , after a while I ended up taking gravol and going back to bed so that passed, but that was very unusual for me, and when I got out of bed this morning for a breif while I felt morning sickness again ... So at this point I feel like screaming because I'm a control freak and I have no idea what on earth is going on with my body ! And I can't believe IM still imagining symptoms ... Im confused and I would love to know if IM alone who is going through this or at least your thoughts about it ! Thx you all !!

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    When I was on Celexa It caused my cycle to go through a "change" I had a rocky Is this or isnt this AF after about 2-3 months things normalized, Celexa affects Everyone differently. Honestly the best thing you can do is talk to your doctor that gave it to you. If blood work came back Negative you arent pregnant sweety, unless you got pregnant between now and then. Goodluck and I hope the outcome is what you wish it to be.

    ETA: You wouldnt happen to be coming down with a cold/stomach bug or anything? That can affect alot too

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    Did it change your cycle permanently ? Or did it come back to your normal ? And no, I don't think I would have gotten pregnant in a week . Im really glad to see that IM not the only that went through this , I have been looking online for someone who this would have happened to , but found nothing at all , I was starting to think I was causing this to myself ! It would have saved me a lot of stress if I would have found you 2 weeks ago !! And thank you very much for answering my post , Very very appreciated !! And I wish it would have been , but I know that its not a good time for it . Thank you again !

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    Any kind of change can affect your cycles.

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