I need some insight and advice on my school experience with G. He turned 4 in July, and started VPK in September, so it's been a little over a month since he started. G loves school, is excited to go every day, and I can see how much he is learning. G is full of energy, very talkative, and can be very "handy" with kids, he wants to touch and/or hug them. His teacher has told me he is having a problem with keeping his hands to himself, she is asking for our help with this. My dh and I have both talked to him about it, but other than what can we do?! When I ask him about school he tells me it's great. Last week when I talked more in depth with him I found out he actually went to push another little boy off a play structure, because they were playing "bad guys" which seems to be a trend with their outdoor play. That is another post in itself, when I ask him what they play outside he always says "bad guys". Am I naive to think the teacher could direct eleven 4-5 year old's to play something nicer? Or do I live in Leave to Beaver??? Anyway, back to the issue-the teacher has told me from the first week he is adjusting well to school expect he will not keep his hands to himself.

Any advice???