Adam is 7.5months and still bfing but on solids several times per day and sttn (my 27month toddler is still nursing too but only once every few days). So far no cycle yet but I'm thinking AF or O may arrive before/around Adam's 1st b-day (Feb-ish). I'm starting to feel my hormones fluctuating a bit. I've been "in the mood" lately (unusual for me while bfing) and yet SO weepy. Every little thing makes me puddle up (I'm not a crier) .

With my other kiddos I didn't start feeling these fluctuations until they were around a year old and usually I'd get pg without AF 2-3months later .

My hope is to have a late 2013 baby (Nov/Dec) which is starting to look like a real possibility!

I get so excited every time a DD room fills up...means I'm one month closer to joining a room with some of you ladies!! Can't wait to share a pg adventure with some of you!