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Thread: Change in Cycle Following Miscarriage

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    Question Change in Cycle Following Miscarriage

    I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks back in June. My next two cycles came as expected (within a day or 2). Started using the monitor again after that (we were told to wait for 2 cycles before trying again). Before the miscarriage, I ovulated on day 16 every month. Since I started using the monitor again, I've ovulated on day 14 both months. My luteal phase is the same lenght, leading to slightly shorter cycles though my flow is a bit heavier. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    I went right back on BCP after my loss but my first few cycles off I had really wonky cycles. I had a 45 day cycle and ovulated on CD 25 (I too am normally a CD 14-15 kind of girl), the next cycle I had is also the cycle I got my BFP but I know I ovulated on CD 19-20 again. My first u/s confirmed it. It was really strange. I hope your cycles even out again.

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    Just got back from a family weekend where I had a very poorly timed case of constipation. The only other time in my life that experienced it was during my last pregnancy.

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    I have had this issue many times. My Very First loss before DS I went from a 30 day cycle to a 28 day cycle then After DS I was at a 29 day cycle then after my first loss that time I went to a 24 day cycle for a couple months then bounced back to a 27 day cycle. I have been bouncing between 26 and 28 day cycles between my first loss this time around in June 2011 to my sixth loss June 2012. Even on BC I still bounced. but at least I know about where it should be but no matter when my period came I still had a 12 day LP so I was still mildly consistent as long as I knew when I O'd.

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