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Thread: Mother Ease Diaper Covers Expire?

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    Default Mother Ease Diaper Covers Expire?

    Haven't been on here in QUITE a while. Anyone still here....??

    Anyway, has anyone heard of the diaper covers expiring?? I bought the Mother Ease Air Flow covers back in June and I'm having issues with just one of them leaking. I called to ask about it and he tells me they're meant to expire after 6 months? To no surprise they warranty them for 4 months so just outside of that window.

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    Strange. I would say that they should be upfront that the covers only last 6 months but I bet that no one would buy them then. I'd almost tell them that you are going to make sure that all your friends know that the covers are only meant to last 6 months and that you will no longer buy their products. Many other covers are under warranty for a year with no talk of expiration.
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    I did send an email to say I was very disappointed in the product and that I NEVER would have spent $12.25 EACH to only use them for 6 months. I could have easily stuck with the cheapie vinyl ones that were tearing after about 6 months for much less money. I think the most frustrating part was the guy on the phone didn't seem to was like they were expected to start leaking around the 5 month period. I've been using Fuzzi Bunz for years on 3 different kids and they've been through much MUCH more and most of them are still holding up without incident.

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    That's crazy. I'd be livid. I thought the whole point of cloth was so that you wouldn't be dumping diapers after 6 months. Terrible.

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