For those of you who experience sore breasts during your cycles....

1) Have you ever experienced significant breast tenderness during your cycle before O? After O -- awaiting AF?

2) Have you had breast sensitivity/soreness when you suspect/ and are pregnant?

In the last 2 days, I've gotten quite a lot of tenderness in my breasts. When I've gotten my BFPs... I've experienced some sensitivity that's alerted me to being pregnant, but never gotten sore or tender breasts until I've been 5-7 weeks along. This is my first full month on cycle with Metformin again (after the MC in August) and I know in the past its "amplified" feelings in my cycle -- ie. I could feel ovulation a few times, and it made my periods horrendously crampy etc.... but I never got breast symptoms on it before.

I'm on day 24 (normally running about a 30 day cycle on average) and have a lot of soreness... I tested today (even though I know it should be WAAY early but never know considering I have no idea what affect the Metformin will have on my cycles as I use it at this point) and got a BFN but with a "okay, is that a shadow of a line or not" -- so will wait a few more days before testing again.

Just wanted to know how common a symptom this is for most women and how severe you find the tenderness etc (as its not something I generally experience).