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Thread: Help! Engorged, I forgot what am I supposed to do!

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    Question Help! Engorged, I forgot what am I supposed to do!

    Itīs been a long time since Iīve been here, but I need advice and I thought you ladies could help me.
    I had my third son this past Tuesday. He was nursing every 3.5h or so, but not too interested until Wednesday night. He started nursing every hour and a half for about 10-20min. Iīm really engorged right now, and I tried pumping a little bit but I didnīt even get an ounce between both breasts in about five minutes pumping. I donīt want to pump for long, since I donīt want to encourage the production of more milk, but I donīt feel relieved from the pressure and my breasts are painfully full. On top of that, my nipples are cracked and it hurts so bad when DS latches on. Iīm still struggling with latching, since I guess that heīs not only learning, but also that the breasts are so full he canīt latch properly (although Iīve expressed a little bit of milk before nursing, but it really hasnīt helped a lot).
    Is there anything I can do for the engorgement? How come I couldnīt pump a lot and my breasts still felt full after pumping? I know I should keep nursing no more than every 3h, but Iīd like to have some relief from the pain and pressure. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!
    Love my boys!!

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    Cold compresses and warm compresses help. A hot shower helps too. I think part of engorgement is swelling, not just milk plus my body always took a few times to get used to pumping. Ibuprofen helps too. After nursing, put a little milk on your nips and let them dry.
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    At this point your milk production is not driven by supply and demand, it's just full on. So pump to get the milk out, and you should level out to the supply/demand production around 2-3 weeks I think it is.
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