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Thread: Need to sort out this cosleeping situation

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    Default Need to sort out this cosleeping situation

    DS2 is still cosleeping and it needs to stop. DH has started getting this odd pain during the day and he told me this morning he believes it's from sleeping on the couch. The problem is, he refuses to sleep in our bed as long as DS2 is in it as well. Another problem is that we only have 2 bedrooms. DS2 has his toddler bed in the master bedroom but he will crawl out of it in the night and get into bed with me. The intention was for the boys to share a room but the 4 year old is so fiercely protective over "his" space that I can't really see that happening without a huge battle. I mean if Daniel even goes in there there is screaming, shouting, pushing and crying.

    I'm at a loss and any help with this would be much appreciated.
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