I feel like total crap! This girl I work with has been trying for a year and she just told everyone today she is preggers. I know I should be happy for her, and I am, but it just reminds me even more of me not being able to conceive right now. Everyone was talking about it all day, what she wants to name it, when is she due... blah blah blah... BUT not only is she preg, that hurts badly, but she is also due the second week of June, which my wedding anniversary is June 2nd. She will be taking 6wks maternity leave... I will not have my anniversary vacation now. Double whammy! I am happy for her but I bawled my eyes out the moment I left work and am struggling to keep tears back now. I can't seem to do anything right, I can't even get pregnant right. Everything I touch falls apart. I feel horrible. I wanna run away!