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Thread: Update on high TSH.

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    Post Update on high TSH.

    Thank you ladies for all the input about your experiences regarding TSH leveles and hypothyrodism during TTC. I have seen the endo yesterday and I guess I have joined the club of Synthroid takers. The endo confirmd that my TSH levels for TTC are too high and I have to start Synthroid immediately. They want to see me in 2 months and see how my TSH levels improve. They would like to see my levels around 1. And they also will order the u/s for my goiter.The endo said that Synthroid can be my fertility drug , even it is not, but it can help me to feel better and improve my chances to concieve.
    At some point I thought that the doc was even happy about me coming back as thyroid patient as I am becoming his regular patient now and he has to monitor me when I become pregnant. I am his new client and bring business. They gave me samples , 2 months supply, so I was glad I went soon enough not loosing precious time wondering why I can't get pregnant and feeling crappy from hypothyrodism symptoms. Anyways I have started 50 mcg of Synthroid and my hopes are up! I wish you ladies good news soon. Hope we all be joining Due dates room soon ! Thank you again for your support and advice!

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    Glad you got some answers and a plan!! Good luck!!

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    Woohoo that is awesome, so glad you started on med's and pray you get a Bfp sober than later.

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    Glad you got started on meds. When I finally got my levels regulated, I realized how bad I felt before that. Hope you see your BFP soon!!!

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    !! So glad to hear this! Praying you feel better and for a bfp soon!
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