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    My 2 DSs have had fevers for 3 days, going on 4 days (since Wednesday) and pretty typical runny nose, cough, sore throat, muscle aches, etc. I'm not really worried about ear infections since they don't say that their ears hurt. I will take them in Monday if they still have fevers. I'm just curious how many days your LO's fevers have lasted with the virsuses out there right now.
    Fevers started 103-104 and are down to 100-102 today.
    Me 38, DH 38, DS 5/28/08, DS 7/6/10

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    42 views and no one with recent fevers?
    Me 38, DH 38, DS 5/28/08, DS 7/6/10

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    My girl had a high fever a few months ago, and it lasted... Well it was 5 days until it even went below 103. Finally her temp went down to an average of 101, with only occassional spikes to 103. Then finally her fever broke, with only occassional spikes back to 101.5-ish.

    The odd thing is, she did NOT have a runny nose, cough, or any other symptom. She was miserable, yes, but as far as I could tell, it was only due to the fever. Maybe some body aches, but she couldn't tell me of anything specific hurting (she was only 2, but pretty verbal). I did take her to the doctor at the 5 day mark (it was then, with his meds, that her fever finally went down to 101). They ran a bunch of tests, and everything came back negative. They never did find out what caused her fever!

    So, I'm not sure that helps or answers your questions, because it wasn't due to a virus that is out there now... This was a few months ago, and as far as they could tell, it wasn't even a virus!

    Hope your kiddos feel better soon!! It's no fun...

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    My DS was in the hospital for 3 days back in June. He had a fever for days we couldn't quite break, but what landed him in the hospital was the dehydration. We just couldn't get enough liquids in him, and he became so lethargic and listless. We had taken him to the pedi 2x, and the second time they sent us straight to the hospital. It ended up being roseola, or sixth disease.

    My only suggestion is to make sure you are pumping fluids as much as possible. You dont want to end up with iv fluids, trust me!

    Overall: It sounds viral to me, even though I'm not a doc, which means you'll have to wait it out. Are you alternating Tylenol and Motrin????
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