I took DD3 for her 2.5M (a little late) pedi appt todau. If you might have seen my other post you may know we are battling awful, recurrent diaper rashes. It was suggested by another doc to give her a tsp of rice cereal/day to thicken her poop and bind her up a bit. Her poop is kind of watery and she poops ALL the time. Every time I look in her diaper there is some poop there. She also spits up a ton and may have some reflux so rice cereal could potentially help a whole host of issues.

I had enough mental anguish with the idea of starting her on solids at 3 months and on top of that rice which I have never used. The pedi gave me "pre-mixed" rice which is basically formula mixed with rice. I said I would rather do the BM but she said try this first so I can match the consistency.

I know it's not a big deal but I am having major issues with this! Should I just give her 1 bottle to get her started or just pump and mix the cereal in even though I am opposed to the whole "cereal in a bottle" thing....

Agh. Decisions! WWYD?