My due date just came and went. I had an early miscarriage (about 7 weeks), and yet I am still not pregnant, all these months later.

Since, in order to get pregnant, I need medical intervention, I have been "not trying" for a few cycles. My heart was still too broken after my loss and multiple failed IUIs.

Somehow, since my due date has passed, I've had this INSANE urge to STC again. It may be partially because my cycles are getting shorter and shorter (seem to be at 21 days now) and the only ways I can think of to fix it is through my RE and progesterone- in which case I may as well do an IUI again.

Anyway, I'm just wondering, for those of you that weren't pregnant when your due date came around, did you get this urge to try again? Were you already trying anyway? If you did try and fail (as seems to be my precedence) were you actually able to handle it "ok"? I'm so scared that if I try again, I will break down again. I'm just not sure I'm ready to see another BFN, ya know?

I guess I'm just trying to figure out if this is me feeling better and ready to try again, or if this is me hurting even more from my due date passing and not being pregnant that I'm being less protective of myself. I dunno. But either way, I figure talking to you ladies might help me a bit!