Hi my name is Shannon. I'm 28 yrs old and have 4 kids. I had my tubes tied after my youngest was born almost 5 yrs ago. I've always been irregular but after my 4 I became pretty regular. Every now and then it would skip a month. With my 3ed one i was almost 6 months pregnant before any pregnancy test came up positive before that they would come up negative..... Now my last pd was 9/7/12, I have not gotten my pd.... I'm more tired, I'm emotional, I'm quick to snap, everything bugs me,I'll get an occasional cramp now and then but no menstural cramps, my breasts off and on again during the past few days and weeks have been tender and sore.and I'll feel a lil dizzy and every now and then I will feel like I'm carsick but I'm not in a car. I took a pregnancy test in the afternoon it read neg. but I swear when I tilted it I could see an almost transparent white line. I didn't throw it away. My husband said I should just look at it tomorrow again before tossing it. So I did. There was a faint pink line. There were two lines..... One was just very faint..... But it was there......plz....I need someone to talk to...am I pregnant?