So after a year of trying my husband and I finally conceived our first child in May/June only to lose it in July. What a devestating experience?!?! We have been trying (well not keeping from it other than pulling out every now and then) to get pregnant ever since we lost that one and have failed to do so yet. Last month I thought I was pregnant so I picked up a pregnancy test (only to find out I had grabbed ovulation test instead). I decided to take it any way to see what it said as I had read you can use them to detect pregnancy also. I took the test on day 22 of my cycle. It showed up positive! I continued to take them each day for the next 3 days only to watch the line get lighter and lighter. Which pretty much means I was ovulating late. I ended up starting my period 5 days late on September 25 (I'm guessing because I ovulated late at least that's what research tells me). My period was lighter than usual and lasted for 5 days. The last day of my period we had sex because there was pretty much no more bleeding going on. This time he did not pull out. We have had sex about every other day since then. Here it is a week and a half later and for the past 2 days if I eat it makes me very sick to my stomach (which was my first symptom/sign with were pregnant the last time). With all this being said my question is, how possible would it be for me to be pregnant? It's probably me wishful thinking more than anything but I'd like some opinions. How unusual would it be for me to have ovulated late last month and very early this month? Could I be pregnant and experiencing symptoms already?