I know I'm not around much anymore, but I'm feeling nostalgic as as Seren turns 1 this upcoming Friday, the 12th.

She's been a lot more "intense" than the calmness that was/is Remy, but that is part of what makes her so charming! She loves to laugh, smile and play, but is reserved around new people. I always joke that she is my little bipolar baby. She is either super happy or super upset. She does the wild banshee scream quite often, as if the poor dear is being tortured, mostly when I set her down and she does NOT want to be down. As you can imagine, it has caused my fair share of intense headaches. She is a mommas girl through and through, but she loves her daddy and brother so much. She's been walking for nearly 2 months now. She says a ton of words, including but not limited to: Mommy, Daddy, Doggie, cheese, nonono, wow, oh yeah and many more. The talking kinda throws me for a loop since Remy was a late talker and is still somewhat behind his peers.

We're having a Halloween themed birthday party on Saturday and I am looking forward to it, despite the likely small number of people attending.

So without further ado, a few pictures from the last year.

Freshly born..

Beautiful chubby girl-maybe 2m

In the dress mommy made her...4ish m

About 6m here


Last week, playing outside-11m