Hi everyone!

My name is Whitney. I am new to the site but I stumbled on here looking for advice on ovulation predictions. My husband and I started TTC in March of this year. We kind of went into it, not caring if it happened or not, and of course I got a BFP right away in April. However a week after finding out we were expecting our first child...I found out I was miscarrying. The miscarriage happened quickly and naturally. I tried not to dwell or let it consume me because I didn't want to be sad...I wanted to move forward and be strong because everyone around me, although they were trying to be supportive, I still felt like they were looking at me with pity.

Since then, my husband and I waited a bit to start trying again but we just really started ttc again in August. I am trying not to get stressed or frustrated that it isn't happening as quickly as it did the first time. But it's hard! I feel like everyone around me is watching and wondering why it hasn't happened yet. My cycles are all messed up still from the miscarriage as I run anywhere from 26 to 35 days cycles so pinpointing ovulation is almost non existent. I just feel like I am the only person in the world going through this. When will my cycles level out? I feel consumed by the pressure and I can't figure out how to let it go...

Ugh...sorry for my rambling. Maybe I just need to write to get it all out.