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Thread: EWCM to AF --- 16 days?

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    Default EWCM to AF --- 16 days?

    Well, I did a horrible job keeping track of stuff this month. Really this is the first month I was actually going to start officially tracking my cycle. I'm off to a grand start! Lol!

    From what I did track starting at the end of september - I had EWCM on 9/29 then started AF on 10/14. That's 16 days. I thought EWCM was the day of, or possible the day before O, and that a normal LP is 10-14 days.

    **Am I wrong about measuring LP by EWCM to AF?

    **I know that a short LP can be troublesome for conception, are there any TTC implications for a long LP?
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    I don't think a 16 day LP is a huge issue. Also you may find next month it is shorter.

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    EWCM also can come a few days before ovulation. I have EWCM for easily as many as five days and ovulate on the second to last day of EWCM usually. The average LP is 14 days but since that is just the average so plenty of people have a shorter or longer LP.
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