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    So for the past few months I have been fighting bedtime with Kaylee. She won't sleep in her crib. I usually let her fall asleep on me and when I go to put her in her crib, she wakes up and freaks out on me. She starts screaming and reaching for me. I dont know if she is scared of her crib or what. She will sleep pretty much anywhere but her crib. Lately she has been sleeping in bed with me, but I am ready to have my bed back and be able to sleep with DH.
    Any suggestions on what to do? I am wanting my bed and sleep back!
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    What about transitioning to a toddler/twin bed?

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    If she does not like the crib, how about a mattress on the floor? When DS was little, it became near impossible to put him back in the crib after nursing. So we moved him out of our bedroom to his own room with a twin mattress on the floor. he was 13 months old at the time. I would lay down with him to get him to sleep and get up once he was asleep. We would do the same each time he woke up at night. The reason why we moved him to another room was that his room could be 100% childproof and our bedroom was not. His room is also very close to our bedroom so I felt comfortable with that.

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    I didnt know if it was to soon to move her to a toddler bed or a bed on the floor. Guess we should try it.
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