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    I have been on birth control for over 12 years straight, and I usually am pretty good about taking it. Last month, however, I was on a strong antibiotic for a bad sinus infection for over 3 weeks. I also somehow completely forgot to take the first 5 bc pills in a new pack after the 7 inactive pills. I know it's not a "real" period when you're on bc, but I always bleed like clockwork. The 2 weeks prior to when my period was due, I had very sore nipples, increased need to pee, extreme hunger (I have actually gained almost 10 lbs in the past month, ridiculous), and sore lower back but not like period cramps. I had some very light pinkish brown spotting for 3 days a week before my period was due. Then, my period was 4 days late. When I thought it started, it was nothing but brownish discharge when I wiped. I'd put a tampon in, just in case, and when I'd take it out there was more brown on it but not any red. The same for about 3 or 4 days. I got nervous so I took an early result hpt, which was negative. That was 10 days ago. Last Saturday I took another test, negative as well. I took another test because since last week I've been randomly nauseous and actually threw up Thursday night. The nausea hits me mostly after I eat. Well today I felt really sick after lunch and I went to pee and there was very light mucousy (is that a word?) pinkish tinge on the toilet paper. Later in the day (only on the toilet paper) was a little more pinkish red, then after that just brown. And sorry if this is tmi, but my fiance and I had sex after work and there was some more very light brownish discharge. From anyone's experience, had you ever had what seemed like a missed period because it was only brown, and then found you were pregnant? Because this is not normal for me. I know missing bc pills can throw your cycle off... but I feel like this is a little extreme. I've even had this extremely increased sense of smell for the past couple of weeks. I usually can't smell anything, lol. My increased hunger has NOT stopped and I broke out terribly last weekend and I never do that anymore. I started my bc pills again last week, and I take medication that could be bad for a baby, so I wonder if I should keep testing once a week or something this month to make sure? So I could stop my pills if I am? Sorry for the long post!
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