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    I've heard numerous people say this will increase milk supply...Does brand matter, If so which is best? and what dosage do most people take?

    Thanks ladies!

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    Kellymom is a great resource for this.

    I used fenugreek and it worked really well the first time. But I stopped taking it, and when I went back it did not do nearly as much the second time around. I've also tried some of the other galactagogue herbs, but none of them ever did anything as much as that first round of fenugreek. I do not think the brand really matters much. Be forewarned, you will smell like syrup.
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    I was taking 3 pills, 3x a day. I think you can go a little higher. It is supposed to be more effective in conjunction with blessed thistle (also taken at the same dose).

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    when choosing brands i try to go for quality over cost... and got the kind i used at a natural foods store.

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