Ok, this is my first post on this forum. Let me start off by saying that I am 20 and my girlfriend is 23. We both have a great job with a steady income and both have reliable transportation. I have my own apartment as well as great health insurance. I'm not a high school dropout that got a girl pregnant. I graduated from high school and my girlfriend is going to graduate from college here in the next few months with a degree in Cosmetology.

Now that's out of the way, let me begin with all the details.

  • Kayleigh has been off of birth control for over 2 months now.
  • We had unprotected sex on September 23.
  • The first day of her last period was September 5th.
  • Her cycle is 28 days (+ or - 1 or 2 days)
  • October 8th was the 5th day late on her scheduled period. Still no blood.
  • October 9th (6th day late) there was light bleeding (red) then stopped. 8 hours later, more bleeding, about half as much as before.
  • The bleeding was no where close to what a normal period of hers is like, very little blood.
  • October 9th, we had sex, while having sex, she got this huge cramp, she felt extremely nauseous, never threw up though. Was sweating but felt cold.
  • After we had sex, and that huge pain, still no more blood.
  • We took 2 pregnancy tests, EPT & First Response, both came out positive.

So tomorrow the 10th, will be a week that her period is late (the blood that I mentioned was definitely not her period because of how light it was and that it was not constant flow.

Since we had sex (for the first time) on September 23rd, that makes her 2 weeks going on 3 days pregnant?

Please help me out here as this is a lot of information that we are both taking in and I'm trying to understand it fully as this is our first pregnancy.

Thanks you, Seth & Kayleigh.