Hello ladies! I have been away from the boards for about two months, since I am a teacher and school started again for the year. We have still been actively trying, but I just had no time to be on the forum. Well, AF is due tomorrow (on our two year wedding anniversary, oh joy), so of course I was starting to think about testing. I tested about five days ago, at 8 DPO, and I could see a VERY VERY faint line in person that just wouldn't show up in pictures, so I thought it might be an evap. We were out of town the past three days, so I tested yesterday when we got home, and I got a BFP on a ClearBlue Digi!!

I have taken two other digi's since then, and one FRER. Also called a new OB today (I was not happy with the way mine handled my chemical earlier this year), and already went in to see her. Their pee test was positive too, so she had labs done to get the blood results and get my beta levels. I am so excited, but I am trying not to get my hopes up too much due to my chemical in March. It's difficult not to get excited, though!!

My next appointment is on November 6th for the first ultrasound, and I will be about 7 weeks then. Do I need to try to get back in during the next few days to get my beta levels checked again to make sure they are doubling?