ok, i have a history of high blood pressure and lost two babies (the first at 26 wks the second at 24 with IUGR). The last being in 2009. I have not done anything to keep from conceiving. Now I am experiencing an increased appetite for the last week and a half (which was the last time partner and I had u/s) and I have had baaaad gas and my vagina has had a much more increased lubrication for the last week. this morning i woke to the bed being*soaked* beneath my bum and i poured bleach on the mattress and it didn't really start to bubble like it would had it been blood but there was some discoloration on my hand when i pressed down on the mattress. i have not taken a test yet merely for the fact that i don't think it would work.
has anyone ever had this or could i possibly be pregnant, does any of this sound like anything??