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    Default Not sure where to post this...

    But since I'm looking for advice, here seems to be the best place!

    After my miscarriage and a few failed IUIs, I had to quit TTC / STC for a while, my heart coudn't handle it. Well, I'm still in "quit" mode, but something is bugging me. My cycles are getting shorter and shorter. The average is 3 weeks / 21 days lately. Up until the cycle before my miscarriage, they were textbook 28 - 29 days. (The cycle before my miscarriage was only 23 days. Unmedicated cycles after my miscarriage varied from 27 - 21. They now seem to be stuck at 21 days.)

    Since I do still hope to have a second child- either when I feel up to trying another IUI or if we get a little miracle that actually sticks around- I kind of want to get this fixed. But how? Is there anything my RE could do to extend the lengths of my cycles?

    I know she can put me on progesterone. Heck, I still have a ton of it laying around. But, if I go on meds like that, my thoughts are I may as well try an IUI again. I'm just not sure I'm ready for that type of intervention yet. So, is there any other option you ladies know about? Diet? Exercise? Meds that won't force me to take a pregnancy test every cycle???

    Thanks in advance, if you have any ideas.
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