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Thread: TTC makes me...

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    Default TTC makes me...

    Say and appreciate the strangest things...

    Was just sitting here thinking WOW... my breasts are sore... that's great!! Here's hoping!!!

    lol -- just made me realize we gals get excited over the silliest things!! Like WOOHOO look at that discharge... maybe I'm O'ing soon... etc

    Just a bit of funny for the day!

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    I was just thinking this this week. I was like, "Man! Check out all that EWCM! There's TONS of it! Woohoo!" Hahaa.
    Sara: 31, DH: 33. After 19 months of STC, we caught an eggie! #1 is on its way!

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    Me and DBF were about to get down wit it and he was like wow your creamy i was like "Really! Show me!" and started comparing it to the book for pregnant women lol!!

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