Thank you to whoever reads.

So my big question is should I test tomorrow (monday) morning or tuesday morning. I expect AF tuesday or wednesday. I have been more tired this last week. moody here a there. sore BBs for about two weeks now, they have gotten bigger since i cant wear some of my other bras now, they feel heavy and full, they feel firm as to say, instead of their normal soft squishy they are more firm bouncy like. Ive been eating like crazy and very hungry right when I wake up which is not normal for me. lower backaches, some slight cramping here and there. was constipated a bit at one point. headaches. took a test on friday knowing it was really early to test and it was negitive.

what do you ladies think?

I may be getting my hopes up but Im trying not to. should I wait until at least tuesday or do you think I can tomorrow

Thank you again