One, What is with my temp at FF? Follow my link below on my siggy. I know it's hard to say because it's only a few temps but what's with the sharp dip? Could it be implantation? I gotta say my only symptoms at this point mostly seem to be moodiness, craving salty or greasy food and cramping, these could all be AF coming on next monday but I am also exhausted!! Today I feel asleep going 50mph on the back of a four wheeler while it was 37 degrees out and I was wearing just a hoodie but I just got very tired and fell asleep, woke up about 30 mins later, about 20 miles down the road... So strange the only reason I woke up was cuz DH realized something was wrong because I was slumped over behind him and he pulled over and I woke to him saying my name. He was nervous and thought something was really wrong with me and wanted to go to the doctors but I assured him I was okay, just had gotten tired so we got me some hot cocoa and headed back out and I've been fine, just tired. Thought that was weird.

Second, some of you have seen my site, it's in my siggy, I made it to help document our journey to getting a baby. Anyway, if you go on it you will see I added a chat! page. It's a live chat and you can see if anyone is online at anytime and it's live!!! No refreshing the page a million times. It will be hard because we can't have a ton of different conversations going on but figured it would be fun so feel free to stop by my chat page!!