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    Question I'm So Confused!

    I started temping and using FF a short time into this cycle. FF said that I ovulated on 10-1 which my temps do look like that is the case. This month I had no EWCM around O time, a little wet but no EWCM which I have noticed in cycles past. I had spotting from 10-1 until 10-5, which I had assumed was ovulation. Today my lower back has ached a little and I've been slightly crampy. I felt kinda "funny" down there and thought I would check and I had quite a bit of EWCM! Now I don't know what to think! I thought I was almost half way through the 2ww but now I'm not sure. What do you think?

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    You had quite a dip which is why FF picked 10/01 as your O day ( I would have picked 09/30). You can get fertile CM even after ovulation - some women find that they have fertile CM in the 2ww when they are pregnant. I hope that is the case for you! But, yet, I do agree with FF thus far.
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    I agree with PP that 9/30 is when u probably Oed. Using OPKs in addition to temping will usually give you the most accurate result.

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    I had an appt. at the doctor today and I took my chart with me. The doctor thought I could have ovulated around either CD10 or 15 and that perhaps the temp dip and spotting was from implantation. (I know thats a big difference but I was looking at it upside down.) They did a urine PT and it was BFN, but she thought maybe too soon for that and it wasn't fmu, so she had me have some blood drawn. Now I'm just waiting for the results which I may not get until tomorrow because she also had a patient in labor. I have a lower back ache and I'm crampy - both are off and on, not constant. And I still have EWCM! Lots of it! For me, this is unusual. I might see it for a day and not a lot. I noticed it a good bit yesterday and a WHOLE LOT MORE today. Just waiting for dh to get home to DTD for good measure, better safe than sorry! Plus it will help pass the time!!!

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    sounds promising!

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    Blood test at the dr was also a BFN . FF says I ovulated on 10/1 and I believe it was either 9/30 or 10/1. So I'm not counting myself out yet. If I o'd when FF thinks there's still a chance for this cycle. I am trying not to get my hopes up, but its hard not to.

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    i O'd on 10-1 too. implantation is between "6-12" days so maybe you havent implanted yet this cycle. for us!

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