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Thread: What do you tell a 4 y/o that asks how a baby gets in a belly?

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    Default What do you tell a 4 y/o that asks how a baby gets in a belly?

    Yesterday on the drive home from dance class Paige asked me this. With Jude I was going to have a home birth (didn't turn out that way) so she got to become very knowledgeable about exactly how the birth process works (since we were preparing her to be around during the birth). Also she is very smart and not one to just except an answer without all kinds of questions. She likes details. Basically what I told her was that every month a woman releases an egg into the uterus to maybe get fertilized and start turning into a human. I told her that an egg gets fertilized when it mixes with a sperm from a daddy. I said that alone an egg or a sperm could not turn into a person but that it only happened when the get mixed. Then thank goodness she started asking about exactly how the baby develops from the egg. So now of course I'm paranoid she is going to ask how the sperm gets in there and what sperm is. I just didn't know how else to explain it so that I was being truthful and giving enough details without actually telling her about sex. Do you think that was way too much info for her. I mean I know she has a pretty good understanding of what I said, but I feel like I opened the box for more questions that I don't think she is ready to hear the answers to. So how would you answer that questions coming from a 4 year old?
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