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Thread: 4yo 'leg hurts' in the morning

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    Default 4yo 'leg hurts' in the morning

    DD has been complaining about her leg hurting in the morning fairly often- a couple times per week for the past few weeks. At first I thought: growing pains. But, it seems to consistantly be the left leg. Sometimes it makes her cry and limp and insist on being carried or us rubbing/massaging it. I have even given her motrin bc she was so adamant about the pain. Sometimes she says it hurts but then is fine in a few minutes. What do you guys think? I made her an appt at pediatrician last week, but cancelled it bc then 'she was fine' for a few days, but she had the complaint again this morning. I just don't know what the dr. could possibly do Any ideas?

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    I would probably take her in anyways. Or maybe give it a few more weeks and then take her if it's still bothering her.

    I would think growing pains, too, but I didn't think they should last so long. Peyton goes through spurts where her leg hurts, but hers only last a couple days and there's a long time before it happens again.

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    I would take her in for an xray just to be safe .

    My dd had a bone cyst on her fibula that resulted in a fracture last fall (she was a year and a half old at the time). The only symptom was limping/frequent falling and she'd occasionally grab her leg and cry.

    My younger brother had growing pains in his legs badly (they'd wake him up at night even) but it was always symmetrical and not just one side or the other.

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    Is it her lower leg or upper leg? The whole leg? I would take her in for an x-ray, especially if it's femur pain. It could just be growing pains, her sleeping funny or being very active. But, you wouldn't want to miss something more serious. Good luck!

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    Worth checking. Even a call to the advice nurse to see what she thinks? GL!
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    I would take her in. Parker has horrible growing pains (wakes several times a night crying). But its always both legs.

    Could you sneak in there in the early morning and see how she is sleeping---is it caught between the bed and the wall, is her leg bent in a weird position making it stiff and sore in the morning? Its worth a try to check it out.

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    My oldest DS frequently complains about leg pain -- and we tend to be overly cautious since his cancer! (lol go figure). Our Pedi. always tells us, its common for growing pains etc... but its when it affects them to the point of avoiding activities, or sitting out because of the discomfort to have them come in to be seen.

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    Can you give me an update of what happened with your DD's leg pain. My 4 year old has had some leg pain the past 2 days. Thanks.
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    Stalking this, b/c DS1 has this often, too. It's either his leg, knee, or foot/ankle, and always his left side. I thought maybe he was sleeping wrong, and it was falling asleep? By mid-morning, it's always fine.

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    I would take her in too, IMHO.
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    I would take her in too. I suffered for years with ankle pain that spreads up my leg bones so they hurt too. I finally had it checked and it turned out I have some necrotic bone deep in my ankle.

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    Take her in. It could be anything from flat foot to growing pains and more. Hope it is nothing serious though.
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