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Thread: Talk to me about progesterone cream

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    Default Talk to me about progesterone cream

    If you've used progesterone cream:

    How long did you use it? (I know you use it for about 12 days between O and AF, I'm wondering how many months you used it for.
    Did it constantly leak out of you?
    How was sex while using it?
    Did it help you get/remain pregnant?
    Did you see results right away?

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    I've never used it - only the suppositories. The suppositories do leak a lot, and as a result we did not DTD as much, but it's best to DTD first then use your suppository or cream.

    My only pregnancy occurred while I was on progesterone suppositories. I stayed on them til 10 weeks pg. I had done a few cycles on the suppositories before I got pg.

    Good luck to you!!!
    Katie (34) DH (33). DS1 Derek (3), DS2 Adam (1). September 2014: TTC #3!

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    I had the suppositories. They do leak. We used condoms when we DTD because even though I would put them in after - there was always residual left up there and didn't want DH coming in contact with that...chick hormones that is...LOL! I was on them until 12 weeks...we had a massive bleed at 6 weeks and I like to think the Progesterone helped me not lose the PG.

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    Has anyone ever used progesterone OTC or did you get a prescription for it?

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    I believe the progesterone cream you can get otc is like a lotion that you rub into your skin. The suppositories I was prescribed with both pregnancies was made at a compounding pharmacy and only by prescription. My DH was wierded out by the thought of him getting "girly hormones" on his member, so we just didn't dtd until several hours after putting in a supp. They are leaky, greasy and messy. You'd want to use panty liners for sure. My ob had me using them from 3 dpo until AF or negative hpt at 14dpo. Once I confirmed pregnancy, I used them through 12 weeks and to be honest, I was terrified of another loss, so we didn't dtd until I was like 20 weeks pg! My poor DH!!!

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    My RE prescribe suppositories woot! woot!! I guess I should go get panty liners.

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    I did the suppositories the entire first trimester with DS. They are a pain and they leak, so wear a liner.
    Jen (34), DH (36), DS (3), Baby #2 EDD 10/21/14

    Lost a loved baby 9/2012

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