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Thread: Back, back again :) XP

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    Default Back, back again :) XP

    Hi ladies! I am stepping back in here ONE LAST time
    We have 1 more IUI sperm sample on ice and have decided to give it its shot in December.

    For those that don't know/remember me...I'm Katrina, I just turned 34. Jason and I have been married for 6 years...together for 10, he is 32.
    We have severe male factor IF.
    Once we found that out, after trying for almost a year on our own, we went to an RE.

    I did 3 IUI's without meds or monitoring other than OPK's. Those were all BFN's.
    I then did 2 IUI's on 100mg Clomid, no monitoring other than OPK's. BFN.
    We decided to try one last time on Clomid but added a ultrasound and trigger to be sure we timed it right. We figured it wouldn't work and went ahead and bought injectables to use on the next try. That time actually worked and we had our triplets 31 weeks later

    When the triplets were almost 18mo we decided to try again.
    We went right back to 100mg Clomid, ultrasound and trigger but got a BFN.
    We tried Clomid one more time but I didn't respond to it well, so we called off the IUI.
    We next went ahead and used the injectables that we had bought before. I took 75IU of Menopur for 11 days, did the ultrasounds and trigger. We welcomed Jericho 39 weeks later

    We are now set to try one last time. I had a friend give me an unused 900IU Gonal F pen that she didn't need. I will be doing the 75IU dose again I'm sure, but haven't yet chatted with my RE about it.

    So anyway...hello to everyone, lots of BFP dust going out!

    I have not used Gonal F before...anyone else here experienced with it, any info you care to share?

    ~*~Katrina~*~ Momma to Xander, Hayden & Lily (6) and Jericho (3 1/2)

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    Posted in your other thread before I saw this one. Welcome and join us in the STC Net!
    Me (40) DH (47) & furbabies * m/c 7/08 4/12 11/12

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    Welcome back! I hope your last journey into IUI is successful! I have not had experience with the Gonal F pen, but I have used the Follistim pen and it is very easy to use. We used a 75iu dosage when we got pg last time, but found we needed a little higher dosage this time around (2 years later) and have been using 100-125iu this cycle. Just did our 3rd IUI today and keeping our fingers crossed!

    Lots of to you!
    Katie (34) DH (33). DS1 Derek (3), DS2 Adam (1). September 2014: TTC #3!

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    Thanks ladies!
    Lots of luck to you Katie...fingers crossed!

    ~*~Katrina~*~ Momma to Xander, Hayden & Lily (6) and Jericho (3 1/2)

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