Sigh. We are dealing with beauty and it's driving me batty. The conversation just went like this while Max & Ruby and the bunnies were putting on make up.

Lilly (she will be four next month) "Ruby is putting on make up to make her beautiful because bunnies are not beautiful."
Me "What?? Why do you think bunnies are not beautiful? And honey, make up does NOT make someone beautiful."
Lilly "But at a party, we put on makeup to make us beautiful"
Me "No darling, we put on makeup just for fun. Makeup never makes someone beautiful. People are beautiful when they smile, or laugh, or read or play. Those things can make someone beautiful. Make up has nothing to do with it."

Now I rarely rarely rarely ever wear makeup and maybe a handful of times over the last year, DH and I have gone out over the weekend (in the afternoon while MIL watches kids) and I have worn make up. But I don't think that's where this is coming from. She was at a birthday party last spring and a lady was painting faces. She used to work at Disney and did a princess face on Lilly and Lilly was beaming from ear to ear. Everyone was commenting every 30 seconds how beautiful she looked and it was after that that she started asking me if she could put on makeup to make her beautiful.

Ugh, how do I undo this?