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    Default what size?

    Sophia is going to get some more footed onesis. Its a dumb question but, should I get 12 months or 12-18 months for the winter? She is on the smaller size at 9 months she was 14lbs. I am leaning towards 12 months. I feel so silly asking. I am her mom I should know but, its been so long since I've had a baby here.

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    I would go with the 12 months. Olivia has always been on the smaller side too - she is turning 3 in a month and still fits comfortably in 18-24 month onesies. I like them a little more snug anyways so they fit under other clothes better

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    I'd do the 12.

    My 19 month old is 24lbs and still *just* fits in her 12-18mo jammies. I had to bump her up the straight 18mo. But trying to be safe I had bought ahead 18-24mo for this winter (knowing she'll turn 2 in Feb) and all the 18-24s are so long on her the feet drag down and she trips all over her, so I had to go and buy the 18mo and I know she'll eventually be able to wear the bigger ones, but it wasn't worth "skipping" sizes for me, because they were much too loose to be useful yet.


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    I would actually look at the brand and their sizing.
    In my experience Carters, Osh Kosh and Old Navy are usually bigger. In this case, I would even order same size or at the biggest, 12 months.
    There are some brands I would order 12-18 months (Children's Place I notice are smaller)
    With footed clothing, you really don't want to get a size bigger with extra material on the foot hanging out especially if they're already walking/toddling.
    Good luck!
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    I always get a size up from what they're wearing, I would get mostly 12 months and then a few 18 months ones just in case.
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